Ducted Mini Split Systems

If you have old systems or previous ductwork installed, this is the best option for you!

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Looking for an efficient way to regulate your home’s temperature? The best option for you is a Ducted Mini-split system. These cutting-edge systems utilize advanced technology to efficiently heat and cool your home while minimizing the need for extensive ductwork, unlike traditional HVAC setups. And, if you use East Coast Mini Splits for your installation, you can get up to $12,000 in rebates with the Mass Save program.  You are also potentially eligible for a 0% interest heat loan from the Mass Save program too! The best part? We will guide you through the whole process.

Why Ducted Mini Splits Work Better:

Easy Install

If you already have vents and ducting installed, the install is easy and seamless.

Upgrade & Save

We don't need to install more tubing, so your house stays the same.


Ducted systems are silent. You'll never even know it's on.

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Benefits & Energy Saving Solutions

Older Home? You Can Still Have Newer Technology

Transitioning to a more modern heating and cooling solution is seamless with a ducted mini-split heat pump, especially for homes already equipped with ductwork. This scenario is particularly prevalent in colder climates or older homes where ductwork is already in place. Leveraging existing ductwork for your new ducted mini-split system is straightforward, requiring minimal installation effort as only a few connections need to be made. This streamlined process not only reduces installation time but also cuts down on labor costs and future maintenance expenses.

Less Maintenance, More Control

Ducted air conditioning systems offer a practical and energy-conscious approach to cooling or heating both residential and commercial spaces. Consisting of an indoor unit linked to an outdoor compressor, typically positioned outside the structure, these systems utilize ductwork branching from the indoor unit to evenly circulate air throughout the premises.

One notable advantage of ducted systems is their reduced noise output compared to alternative air conditioning units, enhancing overall comfort without intrusive sounds. Furthermore, they demand less maintenance than many other cooling and heating systems, contributing to cost savings and convenience.

Moreover, numerous ducted air conditioning systems come equipped with additional functionalities, such as temperature zoning, humidity and air quality management, and energy-efficient modes. These supplementary features empower users to tailor their climate control settings to their preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimized environment.

Why You Should Choose East Coast

East Coast is a proud partner of Mass Save, and we look forward to helping you save on energy.  With the Mass Save program, you can save up to 75% off mini-split upgrades, Using ECMS, you get:

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